90 poetic phrases by Emily Dickinson

90 poetic phrases by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) was one of the best American poets of the nineteenth century. He became famous after his death for his unusual use of form and syntax. Dickinson was a woman who lived a life of isolation and simplicity. However, this did not deprive her of her creativity, as she wrote some of the greatest and most powerful poems ever written. Most of his works focused on themes of immortality and death. The characteristic style of this brilliant and prolific poet was to express his profound ideas in short and compact sentences. His words left a lasting imprint on the minds of the readers and have the ability to stir and provoke.

These are some of the most beautiful quotes from the writings of Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson's famous quotes

Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels or believes.

All we know about love is that love is all there is.

If I can prevent a heart from breaking, I will not live in vain.

Living is so surprising that it leaves little time for anything else.

To travel far, there is no better ship than a book.

Nature is a haunted house, but art is a house that tries to be haunted.

Bring me the sunset in a cup.

Beauty is not caused. It is.

Forgive my sanity in a crazy world.

The poet turns on the light and then fades away. But the light goes on and on.

It is always composed of now ...

That it never happens again, is what makes life so sweet.

Not knowing when dawn will come, I open all the doors.

Dogs are better than humans, because they know but do not count.

The soul must always be ajar, ready to receive the ecstatic experience.

I don't know anything in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one and look at it until it starts to shine.

Being alive is power.

It's not that dying hurts us, but living hurts us more.

A little crazy in the spring is healthy even for the king.

The morning without you is a waning dawn.

Dying is a wild night, and a new way.

If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold, no fire can warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the upper part of my head is removed, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way?

This is my letter that the world never wrote to me.

I've been bent and broken, but I hope to be in a better shape as of now.

My friends are my assets.

Luck is not casual, it is work; The expensive smile of fortune is earned.

Saying nothing sometimes says more.

They say that God is everywhere and yet we always think that he is an inmate.

I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody either?

In this short life that only lasts an hour, how much, how little, is within our reach.

My best acquaintances are those with whom I didn't say a word.

Until he has loved, no man or woman can become himself.

Your brain is bigger than the sky.

They say home is where the heart is. I think that is where the house and the adjacent buildings are.

People need difficult times and oppression to develop psychic muscles.

Appreciate your parents because it is a scary and confusing world without them.

The dearest of the times, the strongest friends of the soul, the books.

We overcome love like other things and put it in a drawer, until it shows up as an old antique dealer, like the costumes worn by grandparents.

When something is done for the first time, a little demon is released.

Waiting means being prepared at all times for what is not yet born, and yet not despair if it is not born in our life.

I hope you love birds too. It's economic. Save going to heaven.

Close your eyes is to travel.

Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion. Stripping the first is not defending the last.

We don't age with years, but we're newer every day.

If you take care of small things, big things take care of themselves. You can gain more control over your life by paying more attention to the little things.

Farewell is all we know about Heaven, and all we need from Hell.

Write to me about hope and love, and hearts that endured.

I hope your walks have been sweet and your spacious daydreams.

Love is before life, after death, initial of creation and the exponent of breathing.

A wounded dear jumps higher.

The truth must gradually dazzle or we will end up blind.

Love is its own rescue; because we, in our supreme sense, are his trembling emblems.

The heart wants what it wants, or doesn't care.

Celebrity is the punishment of merit and the punishment of talent.

Without saying anything ... sometimes he says more.

I live in the possibility ...

The beautiful flowers embarrass me. They make me regret not being a bee ...

I must enter, the fog is rising.

I tried life ...

Fortune befriends the bold.

Judge tenderly for me.

I see you better in the dark, I don't need a light.

I felt it was a refuge to talk to you.

Fame is a fickle meal on a changing plate.

A great hope fell. You did not hear noise. The ruin was inside.

Life is a spell so exquisite that everything conspires to break it.

But a book is just the portrait of the heart, and each page is a pulse.

Hope is something with feathers that perches on the soul and sings melodies without words, and never stops.

The truth is so rare that it is nice to tell.

Ignoring or using silence is a cruel tool. Hence this quote: silence is all that we fear; there is rescue in a voice; But the silence is infinite.

I don't profess to be deep; But I claim common sense.

The good times are always mutual; That is what makes good times.

Because love is immortality.

Faith is the bridge without valleys that sustains what we see in the scene we do not see.

An injured deer jumps higher.

Until I loved, I never lived.

Actually, I dare not admit that I suffocate with a joke.

We never know how high we are until we are called to ascend. So, if we are faithful to the form, our carvings touch the heavens

You cannot love the loved one. Because love is immortality.

I'm out with flashlights, looking for myself.

Opinion is an appropriate thing, but the truth is more lasting than the sun, if we cannot have both, we have the oldest.

Old age appears suddenly, and not gradually as you think.

You can stay young while learning.

A letter always seemed to me like immortality, because it is the mind alone, without a corporeal friend.

You don't have to be a house to be haunted.

To make a meadow you need a clover and a bee.

The Soul selects its own Society.

I couldn't stop for death and he didn't stop for me.

Renunciation is a penetrating virtue. It is letting go of a presence for an expectation.

I miss grasshoppers a lot, but I guess it's the best. I should be too attached to a world of jogging.

Where are you, that is home.

My life has been too simple and austere to bother anyone.