37 Erik Erikson phrases of psychology and psychoanalysis

37 Erik Erikson phrases of psychology and psychoanalysis

Erik Erikson

Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was an American psychoanalyst of German origin, noted for his contributions in developmental psychology. He formulated a model psychoanalytic To describe the development of the child's personality and adulthood, his perspective takes into account the psychological and social aspects, and links the individual's behavior according to age. His thesis is basically a theory of the psychology of the I, unlike Freud that focused on the unconscious and the It.

Famous quotes from Erik Erikson

Hope is the most indispensable virtue and inherent to the condition of being alive.

A man's conflicts represent what "really" is.

The richest and fullest lives try to achieve an internal balance between three kingdoms: work, love and play.

Life has no meaning without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we find out, the better for all of us.

Doubt is the brother of shame.

Babies control and educate their families as much as they are controlled by them.

Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have enough integrity not to fear death.

Personality, too, is destiny.

The fact that human consciousness remains partially childish throughout life is the core of human tragedy.

Do not confuse a child for his symptoms.

Playing is the most natural method of self-healing that childhood offers.

The concept of psychosocial development basically refers to how the interaction of the person with their environment is given by fundamental changes in their personality.

The more you know yourself, the more patience you have towards what you see in others.

The sense of identity provides the ability to experience oneself as something that has continuity and similarity, and to act accordingly.

You have to learn to accept the law of life, and face the fact that we slowly disintegrate.

The way we understand history is also a way of making history.

Teenagers need freedom to choose, but not so much freedom that, in the end, they cannot choose.

Hope is the earliest and most indispensable virtue inherent in the living being. For life to be sustained, hope must remain, even when trust is hurt or reduced.

In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity.

We are what we like.

He who is ashamed would like to force the world not to look at it, not to realize its existence. He would like to destroy the eyes of the world.

The only thing that can save us as a species is to see how we are not thinking about future generations in the same way we live.

Parents should not only have certain ways of guiding through prohibition and permission, but they should also be able to pass on to the child a deep conviction that there is meaning in what they are doing.

The psychoanalytic method is essentially a historical method.

The adult who plays takes a step towards another reality; The child playing moves towards new stages of dominance.

If there is any responsibility in the life cycle, it must be that one generation owes to the next the force with which it can face fundamental concerns in its own way.

When we look at the cycle of life in our 40s, we look at older people for wisdom. At 80, however, we looked at others in their 80s to see who has wisdom and who doesn't. Many older people are not especially wise, but you get more reason as you get older.

There is in each child at each stage a new miracle of vigorous development.

I am what survives of me.

If you can run away actively, then, and you can stay active actively.

It takes a long time to educate our children to be good; you have to raise them, and that means doing things with them: asking, telling, probing, experimenting through experience, your own words, your way of joining them. You have to learn where you stand and make sure that your children learn from you, understand why, and soon, they will stand next to you, with you.

Babies control and raise their families as much as they are controlled by them; in fact ... the family takes the baby forward by being raised by him.

The American feels too rich in his opportunities for free expression that he often does not know what he is free from. Nor does he know where he is not free; He doesn't recognize his native autocrats when he sees them.

Children love and want to be loved and much prefer the joy of achieving the triumph of hate failure. A child should not be confused for his symptom.

Men have always shown a low knowledge of their best potentials by paying tribute to those leaders who taught the simplest and most inclusive rules to achieve a divided humanity.

Children cannot be fooled by empty praise and condescending stimuli. They may have to accept artificially reinforcing their self-esteem instead of something better, but what I call their growing selfish identity acquires true strength only from the sincere and consistent recognition of real achievement, that is, the achievement that has meaning in their culture .

Let's face it: basically nobody in their right mind can visualize their own existence without assuming that they have always lived and will live in the hereafter.

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