50 Buddhist phrases about life

50 Buddhist phrases about life

The Buddhism It is a very old type of religion, although it is also defined as the philosophy of life, a philosophy of "awakening", whose purpose is to teach men to develop their intellectual capacity to understand the world around them thanks to a higher level of awareness Emerged in Asia in the 6th century B.C. and currently has about 300 million followers in the world.

One of the reasons why the Buddhism He has managed to gather so many followers throughout history, it has been because his messages are very clear, revealing and full of wisdom available to everyone.

Famous Buddhist quotes

The intention is like a phosphorescent marker for your mind. Contemplating our intention keeps our priorities in sight as life passes. Ethan Nichtern, writer and Buddhist teacher

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the first candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases when shared. Buddha

There are only two mistakes one can make along the path of truth; Don't go to the end, and don't leave for her. Buddha

Whatever the words we speak, they should be chosen carefully for the people who will listen to them, for they will influence them for better or worse. Buddha

Holding on to anger is like grabbing a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at another person; It is oneself that burns. Buddha

Being inactive is the short road to death, being diligent is a way of life; Silly people are inactive, wise people are diligent. Buddha

The mind is everything. What you think you become. Buddha

You can search through the entire universe for someone who deserves your love and affection more than yourself, and that person will not be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your own love and affection. Buddha

Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet. Thich nhat

Peace comes from within. Do not look outside. Buddha

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one should. We ourselves must travel the path. Buddha

Learning to let go must be learned before learning to achieve. Life must be touched, not strangled. You have to relax, let it happen, the rest moves with it. Ray bradbury

Don't hurt others with what causes you pain. Buddha

Your duty is to discover your world and then surrender to it with all your heart. Buddha

Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our hearts, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free. Thich Nhat Hanh

Even if things do not develop as expected, do not be discouraged or give up. Only the one who keeps moving forward wins in the end. Daisaku Ikeda

Don't ask me where I'm going, since I travel through this unlimited world, where at every step I take is my home. Dögen Zenji

We are what we think. Everything we are comes from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we build the world. Buddha

With love and patience nothing is impossible. Daisaku Ikeda

Many people think that emotion is happiness… But when excited they are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace. Thich Nhat Hanh

As you do not depart from the mind that pursues fame and self-benefit, you will spend your life without finding peace. Dögen Zenji

To study Buddhism is to study yourself. To study yourself is to forget yourself. Dögen Zenji

It is not richer who has more, but who least needs.

The fool who recognizes his foolishness is wise. But a fool who thinks he is wise is really a fool.

Treating each moment as if it were the last is not the preparation for death. Shunryu Suzuki

Long is the night for the one who is awake; Long is life for those who cannot see beyond. Buddha

Attachment leads to suffering. Buddha

Do not stay in the past, do not dream in the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one should. We ourselves must travel the path. Buddha

Three things cannot be hidden for a long time: the sun, the moon and the truth. Buddha

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished for your anger. Buddha

We are formed by our thoughts; We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows us like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

The secret of Buddhism is to eliminate all ideas, all concepts, in order for the truth to have the opportunity to penetrate, to reveal itself. Thich Nhat Hanh

There is no other purpose than the present moment. Every life of a man is a succession from moment to moment. There is nothing else to do, and nothing more to chase. Live according to the sole purpose of the moment. Tsunetomo Yamamoto

The road is not in heaven; The Way is in the heart. Buddha

We need the courage to learn from our past and not live in it. Sharon Salzberg

Self does evil, oneself suffers; oneself departs from evil, oneself purifies oneself. Purity and impurity are things of oneself, no one can purify another. Buddha

Do not believe anything for the simple fact that many believe it or pretend to believe it; believe it after submitting it to the opinion of reason and the voice of conscience. Buddha

The fool who recognizes his foolishness is wise. But a fool who thinks he is wise is really a fool. Buddha

In any battle they lose winners and losers. Buddha

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory will be yours. They can't take it away from you, angels or demons, heaven or hell. Buddha

The most virtue is persecuted by the wicked is to be loved by the good. Buddha

To live a selfless and pure life, you don't have to count on anything as your own in the midst of abundance. Buddha

A jug is filled drop by drop. Buddha

I do not believe in a destiny that falls on men, even if they act for it; but I do believe in a destiny that falls on them unless they do not act. Buddha

Wherever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. This is more true than I can say, and the most true thing that can be heard. Shunryu Suzuki

Compassion is not a religious matter, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival. Dalai Lama

A student, full of emotion and crying, implored, "Why is there so much suffering?" Suzuki Roshi replied, "There is no reason." Shunryu Suzuki

The heart is the important thing. There is nothing more vulnerable, nothing more corruptible than the human mind; nor is there anything as powerful, firm and ennobling as the heart. Daisaku Ikeda

How wonderful it would be if people did everything possible for another without asking for anything in return. One should never remember a charity done, never forget a favor received. Kentetsu Takamori

Suffering usually refers to wanting things to be different in the way they are. Allan Lokos

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