The profile of the bully who performs bullying at school

The profile of the bully who performs bullying at school

In today's article we will talk about what is the bullying stalker profile. That is, what, throughout life, has been known as the class bully. As you will see, it is a profile very similar to that of the abuser. Therefore, it is important to detect it in time and correct it.


  • 1 What is bullying?
  • 2 What is the profile of the stalker?
  • 3 How to cancel the activity of a stalker?

What is bullying?

The bullying It may look like something new by the name that is being used lately, but the truth is that it is something as old as the children themselves. This is what was traditionally called bullying (although it does not happen only at school).

To this day, however, it seems that the amount of bullying has increased. To that, in addition, we must add the fact that, on many occasions, This type of harassment is recorded and uploaded to the Internet.

Plus, It is also common for this bullying not to be limited to school, but can be given continuously through networks. And, of course, this is problematic, because it means that the harassed has no place to be safe.

This is one of the main differences with respect to what existed 20 years ago. And, at that time, there were also thugs and weak boys who received these abuses. But, when they left class, everything ended.

Today, not only does it not end, but it can get worse, given the situation of anonymity that occurs on the internet. Therefore, although bullying is not something new, it is becoming more common and, moreover, adopting a greater severity.

What is the profile of the stalker?

When talking about the stalker's profile, we can do it from two different perspectives. On the one hand, we can talk about the general characteristics of the stalker. Nevertheless, we can also talk about the different types of stalkers.

General Profile of the Stalker

As for the general characteristics of the school stalker, we can find the following:

  1. Need to dominate and control others.
  2. Explosive and impulsive temperament.
  3. They are stimulated by violence and enjoy it.
  4. Lack of empathy.
  5. They have little capacity for self-criticism and low tolerance for frustration.
  6. They are intolerant of differences.
  7. They have a very rigid thought (this is linked to the above).
  8. They tend to defy the rules.
  9. They are manipulators.

As you can see, these traits are very similar to those of the psychological abuser. And, in fact, it is not strange that many of those who were bullies at school, end up being abusers with their partners when they grow up.

Types of bullying

In addition to the above, we can talk about different types of bullying, because there is not one. However, it should be borne in mind that, although there are different types, they all share, to a greater or lesser extent, the above characteristics:

  1. Physical stalker: This stalker bases his actions on physical aggression, such as kicks, pushes, or zancadillas. It is the most "typical" stalker and, although it seems the most serious, it is actually the least harmful, because it is limited to doing physical, but not mental, harm.
  2. Verbal stalker: The verbal stalker does not physically attack the victim, but does so through words. It is common for him to use the insult, but, on many occasions, he uses cruel words, which can hurt more than the insults themselves.
  3. Relational Stalker: This stalker uses personal relationships to harm the victim. On many occasions, try not to integrate into the group of friends, but, on other occasions, you can put some people against others.
  4. Cyberbully: The cyberbully uses new technologies to carry out its harassment. It can be said that he is a stalker of type 2 and 3 (even 5, sometimes) that uses the Internet to carry out such harassment.
  5. Carnal stalker: Finally, there is the stalker that is characterized by touching, obscene words, or even rape or blackmail to get sexual contact.

How to cancel the activity of a stalker?

Much has been written about how to end bullying, but the truth is that, so far, what has been proven to work best, is the performance of the other boys. That is, it is useless to try to raise awareness of the stalker, but you have to raise awareness of the other boys.

The stalker acts because he has the complicity of the other boys in the class. If you don't have it, you can't act. That is why you have to educate children in mutual respect and in the courage to defend the weak.

As you can see, the bullying stalker has a very clear profile and similar to that of the abuser. Therefore, it is important to detect and correct it as soon as possible. And, to this, the attitude of the other class boys can help (and much).

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